I have 14 years of experience in the Information Technology field working in desktop support. I decided to go into the web development field because I love working with websites and I love to help people’s dreams come true by creating a website that will help them expand in their businesses, blogs and hobbies. I specialize in front-end web development where I create beautiful websites using the following coding tools: HTML: To create the structure of the website and add content to it. CSS: To give the website a beautiful, eye-catching look to give your visitors a warming experience. Javascript: To add some functionality to the website for visitors. Working in tech support has helped me connect with customers on a personal level which helped me solved their problems more efficiently. If you hire me, I can provide the same positive experience for you.

Build Websites

I can take your design, and convert it to a website that meets your needs and that meets modern-day standards


I can help make your website responsive meaning it will be accessible on mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.


I can help you customize a Wordpress theme by taking a current theme of your choice, then customize it to your preferences.


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